Samsung to launch an Air Gesture laptop according to patent

Adithya Kumar
Oct 11, 2017

Samsung Electronics is one of the top consumer electronics manufacturing company in the world. Even though they have manufactured some good phones, but it seems to be a different story when it comes to their laptops.

Samsung has made a few solid laptops, but apart from its high-end Chromebooks and the sleek Galaxy Book, most of the company's systems fail to stand out from the pack.  Samsung has now filed for a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for what seems like a laptop in their Notebook line. This Laptop, that is possibly high end, is said to come out with a force-touch trackpad and a combination of sensors that can help recognize contactless user input.



Gesture-based input

This innovation from Samsung has an electronic device that includes a multi-layer panel. The 1st upper electrode and the 1st lower electrode are disposed on different respective layers respectively of the multi-layer panel. A second upper electrode and a second lower electrode are disposed in different respective layers of the multi-layer panel. A first controller is configured to detect a touch input by detecting a change in an electromagnetic field between the first upper electrode and the first lower electrode.

A second controller has been configured to detect a contactless user input by detecting a change in an electromagnetic field between the second upper electrode and the second lower electrode. Fig. 19 below illustrates a gesture being recognized by this future Samsung notebook.

This similar to Microsoft's Windows Hello. It is a more personal way to sign in to the Windows 10 devices. This is done with just a look or a touch.

Here in this Samsung Laptop, the users will need to position their hands above the trackpad, like mimicking a gesture. The embedded sensors will pick this up and help to unlock the laptop.


Samsung's Air-Gesture

Samsung had come out with the Air Gesture some time ago. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the first phones with the Air Gesture feature. This allowed the S4 user to scroll to websites and accept incoming calls without even having to touch the device. However, by the time the Galaxy S6 came out, Air Gesture disappeared. This may be because of the lack of interest from the users.

Samsung has a history of filing for patents for many interesting devices, but most of them hardly come to fruition. As of right now, we do not have a time frame during which this device might be released to the public, if it ever does.

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