Samsung trademarks ‘Universal Browse’

Adithya Kumar
Oct 18, 2017

Samsung Electronics is planning to come up with a universal browser. The South Korean giant has filed for a new trademark back at home for a term called "Universal Browse". This trademark could mean that the company is planning on expanding its cross-platform web browsing experience, further integrating it over different platforms.


Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung's Internet application has gradually been improving overtime and now it is getting ready for its battle against Google Chrome. Samsung also released a Google Chrome Extension which acts as a content blocker to filter out malicious advertisements. The Internet Browser also has a couple of interesting features including a night mode that darkens a web page's interface. The battery life is supposedly better than Chrome. You can download it here (near the bottom).

The Web Browser by Samsung is pretty decent. It offers a reasonable cross-platform experience. This web page that you used on your phone can technically be retrieved on your TV without having to retype the URL. The users will get the same kind of experience whether they use the browser on their smartphone, Gear VR or DeX station.

Samsung is now linking up, even more, platforms with their Google Chrome Extention. Thus this integration with smartphones and TVs makes sense.


Universal Browse

The trademark application for Universal Browse suggests that Samsung is willing to expand their experience further. In the application, the software is detailed that it is a software that will be used for browsing content like TV, Sports, News and much more on TVs and Smartphones.

The software implementation sounds kind of simple. The users have to be signed in with the same Samsung account on both the devices for the cross-platform availability of content.

This "Universal Browse" is expected to be announced during the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018). This takes place during January next year.

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