Samsung Unveils ADT-Monitored DIY Security and Home Automation Solution Powered by SmartThings

Adithya Kumar
Oct 3, 2017

The ADT Corporation is an American corporation that provides residential and small business electronic security, fire protection and other related alarm monitoring services in 35 countries. Samsung announced a new partnership with ADT Corporation. The companies are launching a new self-installed security product powered by Samsung's SmartThings platform and ADT's professional monitoring services.

The ADT Corporation recently launched a personal security application for Samsung Wearables called ADT Canopy. This was the company's Security-as-a-service. It will allow the user to alert the first responders during an emergency.


SmartThings Home Security Service

This security system comprises of intelligence and connectivity of Samsung and the unmatched professional monitoring of ADT. This makes the Samsung SmartThings ADT home security system is one of the most flexible DIY security and smart home solution available for families today.

One of the prime features of this partnership is that the user can pay for the ADT monitoring on monthly basis. The starter pack will cost you $24.99 a month. Toss in the Home Safety kit and the price jumps to $34.99. You can also opt for just the Life Safety Expansion Kit for $14.99 per month.However, this means that you have to install the hardware yourself. The SmartThings Kit also enables Home Automation through the SmartThings Application.




The ADT’s usual Security service is similar to the SmartThings Home Security kit. But ADT's usual service includes a third window and door monitor, a keychain remote and ADT lawn signs. Even though the initial cost is only $99 USD, this locks you into a 3-year contract.

As far as monthly costs go ADT's usual service will range from $36.99 USD to $52.99 USD per month depending on the package you choose. If you opt for the $36.99 package you’ll end up paying about $1,430 over three years including the installation fee of $99 USD. However, the Samsung SmartThings Security System will cost you around $1,448 USD. But this lets you cancel your service at any time and even skip months if you want to lower the cost.


Home Security Starter Kit

To be able to use this service, you have to purchase the Samsung SmartThings ADT home security starter kit. This kit has a price tag of $549 USD. The kit also includes a 7-inch touchscreen panel, two window and door sensors and a motion detector. The panel functions as a brain for the security system. It has a built-in siren and it uses a dual encryption wireless technology. The user can also purchase an expansion pack, which comes with a smoke alarm, CO2 alarm and water leak detector for $199 USD extra. The ADT Security Hub connects to the home’s Wi-Fi, however, it also has a battery backup and an LTE connection, just in case the home loses power.

The one thing this service doesn’t solve is just how much smart home systems can cost in general. If you are going to outfit your entire house with various smart devices, it can easily cost you a lot of money. Samsung and ADT’s offering allows you to jump into the space of Home Security, as long as you’re okay with the price.


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