Samsung’s Latest Gear Fit2 Pro Ad Spot Highlights Swim Tracking

Adithya Kumar
Oct 19, 2017

The Gear Fit2 Pro is one of the fitness-oriented smartwatches by Samsung. They unveiled it during the IFA 2017. The smartwatch has now secured a new ad spot on YouTube. This Ad has been titled as “How to come out one stroke ahead”.

This ad is specifically designed to highlight the Gear Fit2 Pro's swim tracking feature. This feature is also available in the Gear Sport. This clip shows a swimmer doing a lap and then checking his stats on his Gear Fit2 Pro. This ad shows us that the Gear Fit2 Pro is completely waterproof. It also showcases the watch's ability to track the user's swimming. Thus, conveying the highlights of the product.

Samsung made small improvements to Gear Fit2 Pro over its predecessor. One of the most notable features of the smartwatch is that it can track your swimming efficiently. Samsung has made it the sole selling point of the watch. There are not many fitness trackers that can track the user's swimming, which is why Samsung is bragging about this feature pretty heavily.

The Fit2 Pro also comes with built-in GPS. This allows the users who run to map out their runs without their smartphone. The watch also comes with an inbuilt storage of 4GB. This space can be used to store Music too. So, you can go to your workouts without your smartphone.



Other than Samsung's Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear Sport, Fitbit's Flex2 and Iconic are the only significant products on the market. The Fit2 Pro was released for $199 USD, which is kind of in the middle price-wise. However, the Gear Fit2 Pro is on sale on Amazon at $169 USD, that is after a 10% discount. It can be purchased from the link here.

The watch is compatible with all devices running Android 4.4+ and iOS 11+. However, the Gear Fit2 Pro is supposed to work better with an Android device, due to the availability of the S Health application. The watch works well with any android device, However, with a Samsung phone, the experience is said to be much better. The Fit2 Pro is available in both Black and Red.



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