Samsung's spin-off C-Labs startup 1Drop announces Tizen smartphone based blood glucose monitoring solution

Oct 27, 2017

Back in May this year, we reported on a really interesting product from Samsung that made use of a Tizen smartphone to provide a cost effective solution for detecting diabetes mellitus or early diabetes. We didn't hear much about it since then but now it has made a comeback as Samsung announced yesterday seven new startups coming from is C-Labs program and the aforementioned Tizen based diabetes detector happens to be one of those startups going by the name 1Drop. These startups are created by Samsung's own employee and hence Samsung will be supporting them for further developments.




Coming back to 1Drop, in the video that Samsung has shared a Tizen smartphone supposedly the good old Samsung Z1 seems to be used for the purpose. All that the user does is remove the back cover of the Z1 and replace it with a special back cover which has a guideway to slide in a special paper-based strip on which you need to put a drop of blood. The dab of blood is positioned against the camera through the guideway and it looks like the developers have come up with an algorithm through image processing to measure blood glucose levels.

The people behind 1Drop claim that this solution can further be developed in the future to detect other chronic diseases such as gout and high cholesterol levels. 1Drop are looking to target its solution for the Indian market first as a majority of the population lack access to healthcare services due to high costs.

You can watch the video below-

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