Save your city from Zombie Invasion - Zombie Shoot Challenge 2018

Oct 13, 2017

Samsung has previously introduced the Tizen Mobile app incentive Program, where Top 100 developers are awarded cash prizes every month. This program has attracted a lot of global developers resulting in exponential increase in the number of apps in Tizen Store. A lot of new apps and good quality games are added in Tizen Store every week, which ultimately benefits Tizen Smart phone users. One such good game available in Tizen Store is Zombie Shoot Challenge 2018. It is a 3D shooting game where you’re up against Zombies, yes the man-eaters. Developed by Muhammad Ali Shad, this game has some really cool features, which we will discuss in detail here.





In this game, you’ve to keep you and your city safe by killing all the Zombies that have landed to your planet. Zombies can arrive from any direction, in any amount of numbers, so you’ve to be very alert and calm to handle the situation. The game-play is really cool with stunning graphics and realistic sound effects. It has 50 different levels with difficulty increasing every level. You’ve three guns to choose from to kill the Zombies. The more you kill, the more you earn. Kill them all within a given time, or you’re dead.





The game provides very detailed control settings on the screen. It has an invisible rotating joy-stick on the bottom left corner, which only appears when you put your fingers there. You can also change your front facing directions by simply swiping at the middle of the screen. On the right side, there’s a timer at the top, which you really need to keep an eye on, as you’ve to kill your enemies before it runs out. Just below it is the enemy count which shows the number of Zombies you’ve to kill to progress through that level. Enemy count is followed by enemy map, which gives you a detailed account of your enemy’s location, making it easier for you to decide which side to head first. There’s a shoot button and also a sniper mode button, in case you want even more realistic feeling while killing the Zombies. The game also provides you with a run button, which you might need when you’re running out of time.





The game has a size of 47.66 MB and is available to download for free in all of the four Tizen smart phones, Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 running on Tizen version 2.4 or above. Download this game now and tell us how do you like it in the comments section below.

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