SDC 2017: Our Commitment to Helping Kids Gain Digital Literacy

Adithya Kumar
Oct 31, 2017

The Samsung Developer Conference brought together thousands of developers, technologists, business leaders, innovators, designers, and content creators to network and learns about the next wave of intelligent technology.

The kids and the teens of this digital era are assumed to be fluent in various digital tools. However, the ability to use a tablet or a phone does not mean they are digitally literate. Digital literacy is the person's capability to design and create new technologies or innovative applications.

Companies like Samsung are always on a lookout for great talent and they are now helping the younger generation to learn. The company invited everyone from first graders to college students to their Developer Conference held in San Francisco, thus helping the students to become digitally literate.

Samsung has thus inspired many of the developers at SDC 2017 to pass on their own enthusiasm for all things tech, from generation to generation. This demonstrates Samsung’s passion for giving young people the future-proof skills they need.


Kids Mode

The Samsung Kids Experience at the SDC is a safe and a knowledge-rich environment for the kids. The Galaxy Tablets with Kids Mode will come preloaded with many age appropriate games and applications that help the kids to learn in an interactive way.

The Kids Mode was launched in the year of 2016 and are available for free across 186 countries. Samsung also unveiled 'Samsung Kids', a membership program for the kids in the USA which helps in teaching skills like math, languages, coding and more.

'Croco Adventure'

Samsung held a Code Jam, which is like a coding competition for the kids in order to encourage more kids to learn to code. The "Croco Adventure" was loved by the young visitors of the SDC which is a clever education app that teaches children coding through a game that makes them hunt for tasty treats with their 'Kids Mode' characters. The app has been popular ever since it was released with the Galaxy Tab A 2017. The app is now coming to more and more Galaxy devices.

Handy Code

Handy Code is an application for mobile devices. This is a coding environment for the mobile generation. With the help of this app, kids can learn to code with their smartphone or tablet.

Research shows that the most required skills in the current century are the STEAM skills. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Samsung invited the winners of this year's 'Solve for Tomorrow' competition to share their achievements with all the developers at SDC 2017. Here are some of their achievements:

  • These students from New York developed an app that matched children from poor families that might go hungry with food from restaurants that were still fresh but would otherwise go to waste.
  • A team from Nebraska developed software that helps farmers to use drones for highly targeted delivery of pesticides.
  • Students from Arizona developed a system that will save lives by using a clever sensor system that warns drivers when wild animals are near a road, Thus helping to reduce the number of fatal collisions.

In order to boost the digital literacy, Samsung has invited 50 students from local high schools along with teachers and parents to join their Youth Track at SDC 2017. Here the students will get the opportunity to hear the keynotes and participate in a Gear 360 workshop. Samsung hopes to inspire young people to take up a career in Software Development.

Samsung has conducted all these programs as a way to induce more people into the field of technology. This might also be in order to get these children to join Samsung in the future. Samsung hopes that maybe one of the kids playing Crocro Adventure today may well deliver the breakthrough innovation of tomorrow.

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