Thrill yourself with these Tizen Mobile fighting games

Efe Udin
Oct 18, 2017

The Tizen Store is gradually growing and every day, a new app is added to boost up its rank. We have brought you some aggressive and war-stricken games that would blow your mind, however, we have something different today. Some fighting adventure games have been added to the Tizen Store. The beauty about these games is that they emphasize the natural human strength and not some superficial characters with superpowers.


Revolution Group 2 - Fighting Combat


This game is an interactive action game which demands some basic strategic skills. Destroy the enemy base to stop all kind of corruptions and smuggle dealings. Each stage of the game leaves you in different places to explore more and find your trapped teammates. Don’t forget to upgrade your stamina to fight against powerful rivals. Customize your player in each stage to destroy the evil forces easily as the game progress. Put on gloves and keep your fists ready to eliminate all bad guys. Note that you will have to select the wears of your fighter, his pants, jacket, gloves, and boots. For each victory, you earn some coins with which you can upgrade your fighter.


  • High Quality Fights
  • Excellent animation and sounds
  • Immortal Fighters
  • Incredibly realistic gameplay.
  • Smooth UI


Fighting Club 3D


Welcome to the world of Fighting Club 3D. This is the game where you compete with the best fighters from all over the world. In this game, you will have to fight all kinds of enemies in a hand to hand combat and defeat them. You can use all kinds of moves, punching, and kicking. Be the Champion fighting tiger and liberate yourself and destroy the villains. Get ready to groove and beat’em up to show them who the boss is!


  • High-Quality Fights
  • Excellent animation and sounds
  • Superb multiple skills
  • Seamless controls

These games are less than 80MB each in size and thus you shouldn’t have any problems in downloading and installing this game. They are available for all Tizen smartphones (Samsung Z1Z2Z3, and Z4). If you have any question or suggestion about this game, send a feedback to the developers or leave a comment on the comment section below.

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