Tizen Studio gets updated to version 1.3 with Native UI builder and standalone RT IDE

Oct 12, 2017

Tizen Studio is the program to start with if you want to develop apps for Tizen devices. Be it wearable, IoT devices, Smart TVs, smartphones, etc all the necessary tools, SDK, sample codes ,etc are available under Tizen Studio. The previous update which was version 1.2 dates back to may, so it has been quite sometime since we have seen an update to the program. The previous release introduced Tizen RT for the first time in Tizen studio and hence letting users develop lightweight Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) based applications which are suited for IoT development.




This release further adds to the Tizen RT development support by introducing a standalone RT IDE unlike the integrated IDE from the previous release. Another new feature that has been introduced with this release is with respect to the Native UI builder in which the EDC (Edje Data Collection) supports feature and keywords.

Other than that, the newly released Tizen Studio version comes with a number of bug fixes that hindered with the app development process in the past releases. Users had reported of a bug that generated an invalid manifest attribute which caused applications to get rejected from the Tizen store. That his been fixed with this release. There are still are a lot of bugs prevailing even in this version of Tizen Studio which will be fixed further down the line.

You can find the complete details and changelogs with respect to the Tizen Studio 1.3 release over here. to download Tizen Studio 1.3 for Windows, Ubuntu or Mac head over here.

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