Samsung release Official Gear S3 PowerPoint PPT Controller App

Nov 27, 2017

Samsung Gear S3 recently received the Tizen 3.0 roll-out and brought with it a range of new features and improvements. One such feature, that Samsung listed in the massive changelog of the update, read "PPT Controller: Command the audience and the presentation with the Gear S3 PPT controller." Since then, Gear S3 users has been impatiently looking for the App. Many tried resetting the device hoping the app would be installed by default, but to no luck. Finally, much to the relief of the users, Samsung has released the PPT Controller App in the Galaxy App Store.

In this fast moving world of technology, time has become the most precious resource. Imagine you making a presentation and you waiting for the next slide to pop up and it just won't because the person controlling your slides is not aware that you've finished presenting the current slide. But now, with PPT Controller for Gear S3, you don’t have to rely on someone for the next slide of your presentation to pop up. You don't have to shout next, neither you need a remote controller. Gain the complete control and make a hassle-free presentation all by yourself using your Gear S3.


What is PPT Controller?

PPT Controller is a PowerPoint presentation helper tool with a lot of features to manage your slide presentation. You can switch between slides, start, stop, and navigate between pages, just with a few taps on the screen, presses of the buttons or twist and turns of the bezel of your Gear S3. The app also allows you to check the duration of the presentation and configure a time limit for the presentation as well as for each slide. The app provides a vibration feedback when the configured time limit is attained.


How to connect

  1. On the Gear S3, go into settings - Connections - Bluetooth - This will make your device discoverable
  2. Search the Gear device on your computer as a bluetooth device
  3. Select the gear and exchange the passkey
  4. Complete the connection by following the steps on your screen


PPT Controller is very much your personal assistant when it comes to presenting PowerPoint slides. The app is currently not compatible with Gear S2, which runs on Tizen 2.3. It is available to download for FREE on Gear S3 and has a download size of just 1.34 MB. Get successful presentation and cheers with PPT controller. Your precious presentation! Wish you success!

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