Bixby Voice Chinese support goes into beta testing

Efe Udin
Nov 1, 2017

The development of Bixby has been quite consistent although not without a few setbacks. This voice assistant was expected to launch alongside Samsung Galaxy S8 some months ago but that didn’t occur because, at the time of the Galaxy S8 launch, Bixby wasn’t ready. A few months ago, Bixby took a huge leap by launching in U.S. English, and with that breakthrough, Samsung Electronics now concentrated on the development of Bixby's compatibility in other languages. It appears that the language of the largest global smartphone market, China, was top in the pile as recent reports now suggest that Bixby Voice Chinese support has gone into beta testing.

Recall that when Bixby Voice digital assistant was launched globally, it only supported English and Korean languages. Samsung China has confirmed the new information, that Bixby voice with the Chinese language has gone into Beta testing, and it is encouraging users to engage Bixby frequently so as to give it a better understanding of the Chinese language. For the beta testing, Samsung Electronics made available 15,000 slots and all the slots have been swiftly taken as though the people of China were just waiting for Bixby to support their native language.




Since Bixby Voice is only supported on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8, participants obviously need to have one of these handsets. The participants can earn points using Bixby's gamification interface and the top 900 users with the highest points will get Samsung Points worth 100 Yuan and this cash can be transferred into payment cards. Obviously, those that are participating in this beta testing are users that own the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or the Galaxy Note 8 since only these devices support Bixby for now. After the conclusion of the beta testing on the 29th of November, Bixby Voice Chinese support will probably be launched.


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