Buy one "Smart Watch Face” and get another one FREE

Nov 14, 2017

If you are a Samsung smart watch user, looking for some good watch faces for you smart watch, then we have something that might interest you. Talented watch face designer from the Galaxy App Store, Nucleon Sparx, has an offer on latest watch faces, that we would like to share with you.

The designer currently has an offer of Buy One “Smart Watch Face” and get another one totally FREE. The offer is available on selective watch faces - Quantum (24H and 12H) and Volts (24H and 12H). It is a limited time offer, so you better hurry up. Buy the watch face of your choice and get another watch face absolutely free.


How to claim your FREE Watchface

Once you've made the purchase from the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, you need to E-mail your purchase receipt to [email protected] together with your choice of Nucleon watch face, 12H or 24H, and your country of residence. You will get an E-mail back within 3-4 working days with the coupon for your chosen watch face. You once again visit Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, and get your chosen gift, this time using the coupon code.


How to apply the coupon code

If you are not sure on how to use the coupon code, then here's a step-by-step guide to help you with that.

  • Launch Samsung Gear Manager
  • Scroll to the bottom and Select Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Select More on the top right of the screen
  • Select My Apps
  • Select Benefits
  • Select Register Gift Card or Coupon
  • Select Confirm
  • Press on the back button twice to return to the Main Samsung Galaxy Apps screen
  • Select Search from the Top of the screen
  • Enter the name of the app you want to install and select it
  • Select the price Indicating you want to purchase it
  • Enter your Samsung password if required
  • On the purchase screen you should be able to select the discount
  • Select apply for the discount
  • Select “When you buy ….”

Note: This procedure is for Android phones at the moment for Gear Smartwatch apps or Watchfaces.

This is a limited time offer and coupons are also limited. So head on to the links below and buy the watch face of your choice now!


Samsung Galaxy App Store links

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