Check out Samsung's Hypnotic Washing Machine Video Ad

Faith Obafemi
Nov 28, 2017

When last did you use a washing machine? Do you know your washing machine's brand? I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to spare studying my washing machine's brand.

So, while I have been living my life with no care about washing machines expect to well, get my clothes clean, Samsung came up with a mesmerizing ad about their Samsung QuickDrive. Now, I have to stop (for over three minutes) and take notice. Before you begin wondering if the washing machine washes away someone's sins, just know that it actually does nothing in the video, except to keep turning round and round which sort of has a soothing effect.

The ad, which basically shows the Samsung QuickDrive in action, was released by Samsung's UK office.

Spoiler Alert: Nothing actually happens. Trust me, no magical creature crawls out of the machine.

However, as the machine turns, Samsung sends across captions that show fascinating facts about the machine and users of washing machines generally.

One of such fascinating facts is the research report conducted by Samsung which found that an average British Adult will spend 88,000+ minutes of their lives, watching a washing machine turn round and round. That's about three months of one's life. On this note, the message Samsung is then (probably) trying to pass across through this ad is that you don't have to spend all that valuable time just watching the machine turn. There's a faster option: Samsung QuickDrive.

According to Samsung, the machine gets your clothes clean in half the time you're used to. It also has a little door through which you can throw in clothes that went astray when filling up the machine. On the other hand, another could interpret it as a new opportunity to practice meditation or mindfulness while using their washing machines.



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