Color Vision Deficiency individuals can now have the best TV experience with Samsung SeeColors app

Nov 27, 2017

Samsung has been a pioneer in display panel manufacturing for a long time now and it continues to innovate in this specific industry to provide better screens not just for its own products but also for other brands some which are Samsung's rivals (the iPhone X uses Samsung's display just so you know). The company's premium range of QLED TVs has set a benchmark for other brands to catch up to. The panels on Samsung's QLED TV have the capability to output a wide range of colors and Samsung claims that it has a 100% color volume.

The Samsung QLED TVs are now in the news again and that too for a really good reason. Samsung has just released an innovative solution to help people with Color Vision Deficiency get the best TV viewing experience with accurate colors. the solution comes in the form of an app aptly named SeeColors which diagnoses the user's visual deficiencies and then automatically calibrates the TV's color settings to display the best results for such users. As we mentioned earlier, the QLED TV panels can reproduce a wide range of colors that regular TVs are not capable of doing hence the TV can display the nearest shade of any color that CVD individuals are able to view.

The SeeColors app is a collaborative result of Samsung and scientists at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The University began research in the field nearly 30 years ago and its fruition is the Colorlite Test or C-Test that is now implemented in the SeeColors app which is able to even measure the degree of CVD in an individual.

To get the diagnosis started and adjust the TV's color users first have to download the SeeColors app on Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher flagships from playstore or the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, it performs the diagnosis and then they have to connect the phone to the SeeColors TV app on Samsung's QLED TV which then starts the calibration.

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