Developers secure your Tizen wearable apps with the latest Knox Tizen SDK for wearables v2.2

Nov 17, 2017

General consumers are not always the major target for electronics brands, sometimes enterprise comes first in priority for a better business. The wearable industry which has seen some extent of success in the consumer space has already started tapping the Enterprise space to explore more opportunities. But to appeal enterprise users, there are two key features that need to be ensured are of the highest order- Productivity and Security. When it comes to productivity, the availability of standard apps and services is of high importance which is general for any wearable brand. But security is where things get difficult.

Samsung has taken up the task to make it easier for developers to make their apps enterprise ready with top security measures. To achieve this, Samsung released the Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables sometime ago. Now, Samsung has released v2.2 of the SDK with a number of changes and improvements to further improve security measures. All that developers need to do is integrate the Knox Tizen SDK for wearables in their apps and they're ready to be deployed.

Some of the key features that have been added in v2.2 are-

Standard / MDM (Mobile Device Management)

  • Certificate management — Install or remove certificates in Gear devices.
  • Notification policy management — Control the display of notifications by each package in WPC mode.
  • S/W updates — Control S/W updates by setting user permissions and restrictions.
  • Airplane mode — Toggle airplane mode on/off remotely on the Gear device.


  • Boot animation — Customize boot and/or shutdown animations.
  • Watch face —Change to a custom watch face while in WPC mode.
  • Home key mapping — Set an application to launch when home key is double pressed.

To learn more about the Knox Tizen SDK for wearables and download the latest SDK, head over here.

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