Embrace the dark side with these dirt sucking Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot vacuum cleaner

Nov 3, 2017

A couple of weeks ago Samsung did something not mainstream with its product announcement. The company launched a couple of Limited edition Star Wars themed POWERbot VR7000 vacuum cleaner recently. These are based on the original POWERbot VR7000 smart vacuum cleaners which were launched earlier this year at CES 2017, hence the core functionalities is exactly the same here. But what sets these Star Wars POWERbot aside from the all the other boring vacuum cleaners is the way they look and even more in the way they sound.

The POWERbots have been disguised to look like Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. Now, while the recent developments in such smart vacuum cleaners are to reduce operating noise, the Dark side is anything but silent! Samsung shared a couple of hands-on videos of the Star Wars POWERbot in action today to let us know just how much noise they make. Both the POWERbots talk like their respective characters and even play STAR Wars tracks while working. You can ofcourse silence them with the provided remote or via the companion smartphone app but that's certainly not what the intention would be with those who buy it.

The POWERbots are very smart as well,  they come with the ability to connect with Amazon Alexa or SmartThings or Samsung Connect to easily integrate into user's pre-existing smarthome setup and can then be programmed to follow routine tasks automatically or for controlling remotely. The POWERbot boasts of some incredible features such as Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0 to map the areas to be cleaned automatically. It also features Edge Clean master technology to suck out all the dust and dirt in the corners that's generally left out of suction from regular vacuums. Speaking of dust and dirt, the POWERbot features CycloneForce technology to segregate dust and dirt into different chambers automatically.

You can watch all the videos below and pre-order the Star Wars Limited Edition Powerbot here for the Stormtrooper variant and here for Darth Vader.

[Hands-on] Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot - Design


[Hands-on] Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot - Smart Cleaning


[Hands-on] Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot - Voice and Sound Effects


[Hands-on] Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot - Wifi Connectivity


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