Five best calculator apps for Tizen smartphones

Nov 29, 2017

A calculator is one of the very basic components of a phone, be it a smartphone or feature phone. Every phone comes with a pre-installed calculator app capable of doing basic arithmetic calculations. Our Tizen smartphones also have a pre-installed calculator. But we, humans, always want more. We are never contained and we shouldn't be. So why not try a different calculator app, which is a lot easier to use and comes with added features. Today we list you five best calculator apps that you can install in your Tizen smartphone.


Calculator O by Michael Sillas Gonzalez

This calculator app developed by Michael Sillas Gonzalez has a very easy-to-use UI with minimalistic design. The app can perform all the basic arithmetic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can also perform scientific operations such as trigonometric, logarithmic, square root and exponential functions. The best thing about this app is that you can move from the arithmetic panel to the scientific panel with just a swipe on the screen. Moreover, the developer might incorporate complex calculus like Gamma function in the future versions of the app, as stated in the help section of the app.



Calculator by Mohan Reddy

This is another calculator app that might interest you. It has a very materialistic design and is very smooth to use. The app can perform simple scientific operations like trigonometric, exponential and inverse functions along with the basic arithmetic operations. In addition, the app has a "Previous" button at the bottom left of the app which displays the last result of your calculation.



Math Calculator by Luis Lirola

This calculator has a rather compact UI as compared to the two listed above as developer tried to accommodate every function in the single tab. But feature wise, Math Calculator is better than the two. In addition to the basic arithmetic and scientific operations, this calculator can solve factorial functions as well.



Super Calculator by Nguyen Ngoc Hoang

Super Calculator is another calculator app that is easy to use and comes with added features. You can switch between the two modes of the calculator, advance and basic, with just a single tap. At the bottom part of the screen, there is a history window where your operation history is saved. Moreover, this calculator also has a currency converting feature.



All in one Calculator by Sunny Nandwani

This calculator app is somewhat different from the above four. As the name suggests, all in one Calculator is in fact a one-stop solution for all your calculatory needs. All In One Calculator provides various functionalities such as scientific calculation, fraction calculation, age calculation, BMI calculation, all Matrix operations, Unit conversion at one place. If your daily routine involves too much of calculatory works, then this is the Calculator you need to install in your Tizen smartphone.


So make your choice and install the app best suitable for you. All of the above listed calculators are available to download for free in entire range of Tizen smartphones.

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