Game Review - Police Sniper: Sniping and Driving in Gangster City

Efe Udin
Nov 9, 2017

Tizen games are becoming more popular because developers have put in some real efforts to develop games that are comparable to their Android and iOS counterparts, although there are still some gaps. Police Sniper is a rock-solid game that gives you a good sense of adventure. Police Sniper is not just some random sniper game, you have to be tactical and time cautious. This game can be best described with a simple phrase "kill or be killed".


Police Sniper - The Description

Crime in the city is escalating and more criminal gangs are coming into town. There is now a new drug in town which makes people high but also turns them into zombies when taken inappropriately. The mayor wants to curtail this situation quietly and has hired you to take back his city from the criminals and zombies. You have to be strategic and tactical so that you don't shoot innocent citizens. You have to search for criminals that camouflage with the crowd and only your war skills will help you identify them.




Your Adversary

In this game, you have two major enemies which you have to battle day and night.

  • Camouflaged criminals during the day
  • Zombies at night

As for the criminals, you have to identify them and shoot them with your sniper rifle but for the zombies, you need to run over them with your car. Note that you got some sort of motivation...for every criminal or zombie you kill, you get paid by the mayor.


Your Weapons

  • Multiple calibers of sniper rifles

After battling with tons of criminals terrorizing the city during the day, just when you thought its time to rest, the zombies pop up when the sun goes down while the criminals go into hiding. At night, you need to crush the zombies with your rugged ride and once you reach your destination, you have to use your sniper rifle to shoot and kill the zombies that are not letting the supplies get back to the city.  With the sniper rifle, you will be able to save hundreds of the city’s citizens.  Not only will you be hunting the criminals, the criminals will be hunting you! You need to be alert and know your surroundings. There are criminals with sniper rifles looking for you.





  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Multiple action-packed levels
  • Tons of Sniper Rifles to shoot criminals and zombies
  • Different variety of cars to crush zombies
  • Easy Controls



This game is 80.84MB large, however, downloading and installing this game should be seamless. It is available for all Tizen smartphones (Samsung Z1Z2Z3, and Z4). If you have any question or suggestion about this game, send a feedback to the developers or leave a comment on the comment section below.

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