Get these award winning Tizen apps on your Tizen smartphone now!

Nov 8, 2017

For the past ten months, we have been reporting on all the top 100 Tizen mobile apps that won the $1,000 reward every month as part of the Tizen mobile app incentive program. If you have been following them then you might have noticed that many of the apps in those top 100 list every month happened to be the same ones. Moreover, a majority of these apps were from established brands such as Whatsapp, Facebook, ShareIt, etc which already have a huge user base of their own. On the bright side, there certainly were a number of Indie developed apps that got hold of the Tizen smartphone users' attention.



Now, Samsung has curated a list of such apps on the Tizen Store under the award-winning apps category. The first thing you will notice from this list is that all of the apps happen to be games. Most of these apps are built on Unity and as we reported earlier, Unity has dropped support for Tizen mobile platform. All that negativity aside, let's have a look at all these award-winning apps below. You can click on them to download from the Tizen store-


All these award winning apps can be downloaded right away on your Tizen OS based Samsung smartphones!

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