Install new prepaid tracker app from Samsung on Tizen smartphones

Nov 21, 2017

Last week we reported that Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore(SRIB) added a new app for Tizen users named Xpense Manager. This week they added a new app named Prepaid Tracker. Which will help users to show prepaid call balance expenses and SMS balance usage.

The app helps you track your calls, SMS, and operator balances. It will show users’ total call cost with total time, total SMS sent with, available main balance on your SIM card, everyone calls cost with a contact number.


How to use the Prepaid Tacker App

  • Install this from Tizen Store
  • Launch the app
  • Tap on “Let’s get started” button
  • After the app opens, make any call (not VoLTE calls) or SMS from your mobile
  • Then check again the app
  • Now you can see your available main balance on your SIM
  • Call history etc.

Currently, this app cannot track VoLTE calls. Hope developers will add this feature very soon for users. This app is only available for Samsung Z4 currently. Download this app today. App size is near 5MB.

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