Interview - Designing a Gear Sport Smartwatch that helps you live the healthy, balanced life you desire

Faith Obafemi
Nov 20, 2017

Now, more than ever, the everyday athlete has access to a whole new suite if premium fitness features while maintaining a sleek look, advanced functions and of course ergonomic experience. Samsung's latest Gear sport release let's you get the run for your buck by optimising your day's productivity while keeping your health in check.


Going behind the scenes, we bring you a conversation with two of the great minds who worked on this project: Product Planner Sungjin Kim and UX Designer Hayeong Jeong. Both will give us a glimpse of how Samsung went about building gear sport smartwatches.

Kim noted that as one of its first wearables, Samsung focused on designing a product that users can identify with even 'beyond fitness', making it a sleek companion as an everyday wear. For Jeong, Gear Sport featured new UX enhancements that let's users do more with few taps and touch.


Gear Sport Smarthwatch is great for the active athletic who isn't looking to become a pro. It can accompany you for a swim (by the way, it is water resistant), for a run and any other adventures you have in mind.


At Tizen Experts, we are pleased with its compatibility with fitness apps like Speedo On, Samsung Health and other tools that help users meet their health/weight goals. Gear sport has IoT features which let's you connect your smartwatch to your Samsung TV with which you can watch live exercise sessions or monitor your workout performance in real time.

You can find the full Interview here.

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