Jupl launches health monitoring Gear S3 Smart Watch in Australia

Nov 1, 2017

Auckland based software company Jupl has announced that it has partnered with Australian aged care community operator the Illawarra Retirement Trust (IRT) to trial its latest wearable health technology in Australia. The product is based on the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smart watch.

The wearable technology developed through collaboration between Spark NZ, Samsung, Cisco Jasper and Jupl has Jupl’s application running on Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smart watches. The Jupl application integrates with the Gear S3 and Cisco Jasper’s cloud service to provide 24/7 monitoring and health support to the wearer. The Gear S3 is the first smart watch to ship with an embedded SIM. Jupl co-founder and CEO Alan Brannigan said that the roaming capability embedded in the M2M SIM provided by Spark has made this service possible to a large extent. The service is managed with the IoT connectivity platform provided by Cisco Jasper.

“Such a collaboration between several international partners involved thousands of hours of work, pushing the boundaries of innovation in the way technology is traditionally utilised and developed. This has provided us with a fully scalable global distribution model and is game-changing technology,” he said.

According to Gui Feijo, Jupl’s General Manager in Australia, the technology will enable IRT to connect residents, who may be in an emergency situation, to IRT’s central monitoring facility at the press of a button. It can also send the wearer’s location and critical health data, to IRT and/or family members through Jupl’s app and web portal.

This is the first time Jupl is introducing its health care technology in Australia. It has been available in New Zealand for some time. Jupl is now trialing its services in the United States and South America.

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