Get to know more about the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator with these videos

Nov 9, 2017

Innovations in some home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and Air Conditioners usually go unnoticed despite these machines being a fundamental necessity in most homes in the current generation. However, with the advent of smart connected technology, Samsung did something unusual with its Refrigerator last year when it introduced the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. It really took the media by a storm with almost every publication talking about it. Due to a good consumer response, Samsung refreshed this series earlier this year with the Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerators.

All that attention was for one reason only- A massive 21 inch touchscreen slapped on the front door. It also happened to be running Tizen and hence we got interested in it too. Why exactly would anyone need a touchscreen on a fridge you ask? Well Samsung believes there are a lot of reasons to have one and has made a series of videos to showcase some of the major use-cases for the Display. These use-cases include-

  • screen mirroring
  • memos
  • to do lists
  • grocery shopping
  • recipee

With Samsung's intention to make all its devices interconnected in the future, the Family Hub Refrigerator could play a central role in such innovations. Some of the features that would love to see coming in the future over an update or in a new product would be an integrated Bixby support and SmartThings or similar Home IoT solution. The European edition of Family Hub Refrigerators are expected to be getting just that in the near future.

You can watch all the videos below-

Samsung Family Hub™ - TV Mirroring

Samsung Family Hub™ - Tune in

Samsung Family Hub™ - ToDo

Samsung Family Hub™ - Shopping

Samsung Family Hub™ - Recipes

Samsung Family Hub™ - MobileApp

Samsung Family Hub™ - Memo

Samsung Family Hub™ - FamilyCalender

Samsung Family Hub™ - Custom Home Screen

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