Make your routines even smarter with Scenes by SmartThings

Nov 30, 2017

Samsung owned SmartThings has penetrated home automation technology at a very fast rate. The Company is introducing one after another Smart Home products, technologies and services. Further adding to its already existing wide range of services, SmartThings has now announced SmartThings Scenes, a new feature that allows you to change multiple lights, switches, and devices to different presets to suit a certain mood.

SmartThings Scenes lets you create customized scenarios within a routine. You can group multiple bulbs, switches and outlets in a single Scene. You can have these lights go all the way up or dim then down at once. If you need to dim a bulb and make another one brighter at the same time, you can do that with just a single command.



With SmartThings Scenes, your day gets better and easier. Set a preferred lighting scenario, configure the time settings and SmartThings Scenes will do the rest. Your color tunable smart bulbs can be programmed to be brighter, dimmer or warmer. For example, a Scene can activate brighter lighting for "homework time" routine for your kids and warmer lighting during a “dinner time” routine. Set the scenario for dinner, like brighter and warmer light in the dining hall but dimmer ones in the bedroom. Furthermore, Scenes can be triggered via the SmartThings app or voice command. So you can still trigger a scene on even when your hands are not free.

At night you can create a bedtime scene and turn off your bedroom’s ceiling lights and turn on your night light, all at once with a single command. You can also create a wake-up scene with preferred light settings and use a good morning routine to activate the Scene automatically.

With these innovations, Samsung is definitely headed in the right direction to fulfil its vision to have all its devices interconnected by 2020.

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