Meet the new Xpense manager app from Samsung on Tizen Smartphones

Nov 7, 2017

Here is a new app created by the Samsung R&D team in order to support Tizen users and the Tizen app ecosystem. If Tizen users are looking for any expense and budget tool, the new Xpense Manager app from Samsung will help them to manage everything at their fingertips from the expenditures, chequebook and budgets everything they need. The app is made by Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore(SRIB) and can fit perfectly into your everyday life.

Xpense Manager is an app which is the best way to track users’ monthly spend & pay bills on time. Users can find out how much they spend on categories such as food, travel, shopping, bill, EMI, travel etc. Users are able to create any type of expense that has a suitable name, amount, date and even with particular time category. You also have the ability to add any notes or hashtag that lets you search faster for them. Another great feature is the ability to create a custom category on any expense. And the good thing is this app analyses users SMS inbox on phone and detects important information like spends, bills and tickets and automatically adds them onto their expense list. Though users can edit or delete it if he/she wants.


In this app, there is also a Bill Reminder feature which is allowing to create the new bill as a reminder. A monthly and daily chart also available on the app start screen which is showing your total monthly and daily expenses.


Best features of this app

  1. Take control of your MONEY and SAVE - ’What’, ’How’ & ’Where’ of you spends
  2. Always keep an eye on credit card dues - no more surprises at end of month!
  3. 20 Banks and cards supported (India only)
  4. Make your own custom categories to track expenses and quickly add cash spent too
  5. Easily search for expenses, tags or notes
  6. Walnut does not read your personal SMSs or upload any sensitive data

So, now let’s enjoy the useful app from Samsung Team. The app is available for all Tizen Smartphones Indian versions only and app size is 15 MB. Download it today.

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