You might want to factory reset your Gear S3 after the Value Pack update

Nov 23, 2017

The Samsung Gear S3 owners probably got the best OTA update of their lifetime on their beloved smartwatch. Called as the Value Pack update, it brought a major jump in firmware version for the Gear S3 bringing it on the same league as the Gear Sport with Tizen 3.0. There certainly are a number of changes and improvements with this update but before you start exploring them, we would advise you to do a factory reset. As reported by some of our readers, there have been issues with respect to watchfaces made using Facer, Gear Watch Designer or WatchMaker. When users open these watchfaces on their updated Gear S3, there have been instances of the smartwatch crashing.



While my Gear S3 has been working all well with no issues even after the update, these kinds of issues certainly tend to happen after an OTA update even on smartphones but most of the times they can be fixed easily with a simple factory reset which clears away any existing files from the previous version firmware. And so has been the case on the Gear S3 as well. You can easily reinstall your previously stored watchfaces and apps as the Gear Manager/Samsung Gear app keeps a log of them.

Apart from that, Sammobile reports that a few developers are facing issues with a bug that cause numbers and texts to go out of alignment. Samsung has confirmed this bug and has been said to be working on a patch to fix it which hasn't been given an ETA as of now.

Overall, putting these minor hurdles aside, the Value Pack update on the Gear S3 is certainly a great move by Samsung to keep its community happy which in turn will reflect on better sales for future wearables launched by the company.

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