With Nest Secure, T-Mobile enters home security

Deidre Richardson
Nov 9, 2017

Nest Secure protects home while you're away, but smart thermostat company Nest hasn't made too much of a dent into the carrier business. A number of smartphone consumers in the US still live and die by their wireless carriers; to this end, Google-owned Nest has partnered with Deutsche Telekom carrier T-Mobile to bring its home security to US wireless customers.

T-Mobile Nest Secure: What's Inside the Box?

T-Mobile announced today that its T-Mobile Nest Secure home security pack is the next big thing for the UNcarrier. The new carrier-connected security pack features not only the alarm system but also the Nest Guard base with keypad, motion detector, cellular backup service, two Nest Detect motion sensors, two Nest Tag key fobs, and a Nest Cam Indoor security camera with Nest Aware that provides up to 10 days of continuous video recording.

The Nest home security system has a built-in battery backup, protecting your home even when storms cut off electricity along with your Wi-Fi internet and letting you enjoy your Unlimited Data plan with a built-in Cat 1 LTE module.

At Nest, we believe that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to feeling safe, so we designed Nest Secure to be modular and remain on guard to give people the confidence and peace of mind that it will always be working, even if there's power of Wi-Fi outage. With its reliable and continuously expanding LTE footprint, T-Mobile provides that critical cellular backup connection,

said Nest Chief Business Office (CBO) Tom vonReichbauer.


T-Mobile Nest Secure availability and pricing

The T-Mobile Nest Secure home security pack will arrive at T-Mobile retail stores on November 10th, with a monthly T-Mobile Nest plan required. Interested customers will pay $240 down, $10 per month, and a $10 cellular backup service along with Nest's own Nest Secure service after a $5 bill credit.

While T-Mobile is the exclusive cellular carrier for Nest Secure, you need not purchase it from T-Mobile (though Magenta is the exclusive carrier of the home system) but from Nest directly if you choose. We think the new T-Mobile Nest Secure home security system is excellent for current Magenta customers who are already taking advantage of one of the most industry-breaking carriers to grace the field.

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