Samsung ARTIK Platform now to come with a new Integrated Bixby AI Feature

Faith Obafemi
Nov 30, 2017

Earlier this year, Samsung Electronics released its Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, called Bixby. Now, Samsung is making plans to integrate Bixby with its Internet of Things (IoT) development board called ARTIK. The aim is to foster a change in the dynamics of the AI markets by facilitating an ecosystem that makes it easy to have both Hardware (HW) and Software (SW) developers under one umbrella.

This move is probably in response to some opinions that Samsung's Bixby is on a lower rank in the AI ecosystem with Google's online assistant and Amazon's Alexa. Samsung foresees the collaboration giving ARTIK series a competitive edge in the midst of other IoT development boards. Imagine being able to command (which it obeys) your door 'open' or 'close' when your hands are full of groceries.


Its a win-win for both ARTIK and Bixby. As the new AI features increases sales of ARTIK series, users of Bixby would also inevitably grow. Thus, leading to a virtuous cycle whereby an increase in sales means an increase in development and performance.

As announced yesterday, this coming December will see a release by Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Business Department if an 'ARTIK Bixby' solution. In effect, this opens up the ARTIK series to third party developers and manufacturers to freely use the Bixby AI technology.

At the moment electronic engineering faculties and departments in South Korea and some foreign universities use ARTIK series as an educational tool. So,  this will be an opportunity for future electronic engineers to get familiar with the ARTIK Bixby solution.

ARTIK makes it easier for development of IoT products. This makes it stand out from its competitors like Raspberry Pi and Arduino. One awesome feature of the ARTIK Bixby solution is that its HW would have a chip that cancels noise in the background making voice recognition easier.

Samsung intends to use this opportunity to apply the AI technology Bixby to things like smart homes, smart TV, smart refrigerators, smart washing machines and all other IoT gadgets.

Commenting on the ARTIK Bixby solution, a representative of the industry said: “Fact that Samsung Electronics is applying Bixby to ARTIK series indicates that it is planning to widely open the corresponding platform to outside companies. Many small electronic manufacturers or individual developers from all over the world can now develop AI home appliances through Samsung Electronics’ HW and SW platforms.”

We all keep our fingers crossed as we wait to see the future of the ARTIK Bixby solution.

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