Samsung Is very Committed to Its 360 video

Efe Udin
Nov 6, 2017

Reports by LetsGoDigital shows that Samsung is updating its 360-degree camera (Gear 360) for 2018. The annual updating of this device shows that this device is responding well to the market. This current update is as good as the last update but there is a little change in the design of this year's model. For those who still need to hand-hold their 360 camera, the handle is still intact, however, with an included standing support, you can now shoot with the 360 camera unattended.




As of now, the other features of this model are not public but let's not forget that the most important feature of 360-camera videos is probably resolution. Resolution for a TV or smartphone at 4K may be great, but in a much larger stage, the extra resolution becomes paramount. There will always be a consistent improvement in the resolution of 360 cameras at least till we can shoot at 8K so that the video can be played back smoothly and at the higher frame rates that VR and 360 video needs.

The 2017 model was quite lovely, to say the least. Its video quality is much improved compared to the original device and now, 360 video is more watchable than ever. We can only hope that this new 2018 model brings a better experience because whats the point of updating if it will not be better? The Gear 360 allows you view videos from your smartphone and you can also publish the videos to YouTube or Facebook. YouTube and Facebook allow you to control the video with your mouse or by moving your phone thus you do not necessarily need a VR Headset to enjoy video from the camera.

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