Samsung Electronics Bringing in More Smart Home Appliances as it Seeks to Expand ARTIK's Portfolio

Faith Obafemi
Nov 10, 2017

ARTIK is Samsung's IoT (Internet of Things) platform whose portfolio the Electronics giant is set to expand with the introduction of more Smart Home Appliances into the market. The new IoT device, known as 'ARTIK 051,' will be officially unveiled in South Korea soon. Samsung says the new ARTIK platform is a response to several demands users and industry players have been making, asking for an opportunity to develop Smart Home Appliances with ARTIK.

A Samsung Electronics representatives's opinion of this new development is that the "new ARTIK is an IoT platform that can be applied to home appliances. It is a product that can be used by regular consumers and companies.”

The new platform, ARTIK 051 belongs to the ARTIK 0 series. Out of the four series, ARTIK 0, 5, 7, and 10, the 0 series is the smallest. ARTIK 051 appears to be an upgrade to 020 that supports Bluetooth communication feature and 030 that supports ZigBee communication feature.

Plans are already in place to release a better version after ARTIK 051 called ARTIK 053 which Samsung intends for the follow-up version to support WiFi communication feature.

WiFi is a common technology in the Smart Home Appliances industry, it's not difficult to wonder why Samsung has focused on it while developing the new ARTIK product. Virtually all Smart Home gadgets run on WiFi, at least for most of those produced in South Korea.

Several features contributed to making WiFi a choice communication technology for industry manufacturers in the Smart Home market, including Samsung and other big players. WiFi has a wide communication coverage and supports easy flow of data.

That's why Samsung is expanding it's portfolio of ARTIK with the addition of new product releases which runs on WiFi.

ARTIK 051 has been described by Samsung as a response to user's and industry player's demand for quality Smart Home Appliances, especially at a time when companies developing IoT products using ARTIK are not few. In fact, Soosang ST, NUC, Cuchen, SNC and Coway are just few of the companies that have developed IoT products using ARTIK.

As Samsung Electronics expands ARTIK's portfolio, it will make it easier to develop IoT products which can be customized for particular markets.

Commenting on this new development, a Samsung representative said “ARTIK platform can implement entire areas of IoT from module, Cloud infrastructure, security, and to service application.” He further commented that “There will be more home appliance manufacturers looking for ARTIK due to its convenience in development.”

ARTIK 051, which happens to be the third generation of ARTIK, is not the end for the portfolio. New products are expected to be launched by Samsung in the future after this latest release. Moreover, since the first ARTIK product in 2015, Samsung has released a better version every year, so we can expect to see more upgrades even after 051.

ARTIK is Samsung's official platform to explore the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT to the entire Smart Home Appliances industry.

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