Samsung Electronics targets 41% share in the premium TV market

Efe Udin
Nov 20, 2017

Samsung Electronics is known for the production of premium products with top-notch performance. Its smart TV segment has grown over the years and it is now a major global force to reckon with when it comes to premium TV. Now, information out of India suggests that Samsung smart TV line will finish this year on a high note. Last year, Samsung India ended the year with a 30% market share but the South Korean manufacturing giant is now set to claim a 41% share in premium TV segment this year. Recall that about 5 months ago, Samsung commenced the global rollout of its innovative lifestyle TV that transforms from a television into a work of art - dubbed "The Frame".


Unveiling The Frame in India, the general manager of Samsung India, Piyush Kunnapallil said

“For the last 12 years, we have been maintaining a leadership position in the overall television market segment with 30%. In the premium TV segment, we have 37% and we hope to attain 41% through innovation and differentiation.”...“We have a wide spectrum of televisions. We are not discontinuing any of the models. TV will continue to be the important segment for us,”

According to Mr. Kunnapallil, a growing number of customers has the penchant for larger screen display. The close affinity of users to a large display of 40 inches and above in Tamil Nadu was 54% while nationwide, 40-45% of users preferred the large screen smart TV. Discussing the basic features of The Frame TV, he said that it comes in two models, the 55-inch and 65-inch displays both of which offers UHD picture quality. Its bezels are designed such that it looks just like a Frame and when it is idle, it automatically goes into an art mode where different artworks are displayed. The 55 inches and 65 inches models are currently priced at ₹2.75 lakh and ₹4 lakh respectively.

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