Samsung offers PayPal users in the Netherlands 20% off on select products

Efe Udin
Nov 15, 2017

South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, is known to manufacture top-notch products which do not disappoint its numerous customers. From time to time, the company offers discounts for its products and one of such promos is now available for customers in the Netherlands.


PayPal users in the Netherlands can now enjoy a 20% discount whenever they purchase select Samsung products and make payment with their PayPal account. This discount is good for the next two weeks and will expire on the 30th of November. To enjoy the 20% discount, which is exclusive to the Netherlands, customers must make payment with a Dutch PayPal account and mention the discount code.


You can find a comprehensive list of the discounted products HERE. When you identify a product that you desire, add it to your shopping cart and click on "add promotional code". Input the discount code "PAYPAL" and then click on "order" to fill in other required details. Twelve smartphones, seven tablets, and six wearables are all available for this discount. Wearables like Gear Fit2 now sells for €149 against its original price of €169 while Samsung Gear S3 is going for €299 against its original price of €369.



Deals like these are not common thus PayPal users in the Netherlands can take advantage of this promo. Even though you are currently not a PayPal user, setting up a PayPal account is quite easy. This platform is one of the most popular ways of sending money and it allows you to sent cash to numerous countries worldwide. With PayPal, you can view a detailed description of your recent transactions, check-in to local stores to pay and even receive payment notifications.

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