Samsung patents pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint sensor

Deidre Richardson
Nov 2, 2017

Rumors of Samsung's in-display fingerprint sensor for the 2018 "Galaxy" have been whispers until now. Sure, we've heard that Samsung is already accepting optical fingerprint samples from companies, including its own Samsung LSI division, but that's about all we've heard.
A new patent filed by Samsung in Korea, titled "Electronic Device for Supporting the Fingerprint Verification and Operating Method Thereof," points to an in-display embedded fingerprint sensor with pressure sensitivity, putting the rumors to rest. It appears as though Samsung intends to provide functionality within the display such that, when you touch the screen, the "button" will be able to perform multiple functions. I assume here that the in-display fingerprint sensor will be able to trigger Google Assistant and Bixby AI, among other things. The patent information says that Samsung intends to program the in-display sensor to such an extent that it can distinguish between on-display operations and exclusive fingerprint sensor ones.

As for when Samsung intends to debut the in-display fingerprint sensor, rumors continue to pound the fact that it won't arrive in time for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in Spring 2018 but that the new fingerprint sensor may arrive in time for the Galaxy Note 9. The in-display sensor may be one of the Galaxy Note 9's highlight features. Samsung will probably bring the dual camera setup of the Galaxy Note 8 over to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, so there's that.

The goal of an in-display fingerprint sensor is to extend the screen on a device whereby OEMs can remove back-mounted fingerprint sensors and make room for additional hardware as technology continues moving at the speed of light. In Samsung's case, removing its back-mounted fingerprint sensor from the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is rather impossible at this point - if the rumors about

For now, the in-display fingerprint sensor patent is promising. It shows that Samsung is planning to implement it into upcoming "Galaxies." As for when, we don't have an answer just yet - but we have an idea that leaks for the feature aren't too far off.

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