Samsung rolls out a major Gear S3 Value Pack Update with Tizen 3.0

Nov 20, 2017

Samsung has today released a major update for its Smartwatch Gear S3. The update, called the value pack update, brings a range of new features and enhancements to the Gear S3. With this update, the Gear S3 is running on Tizen 3.0, pretty much the same software as the Gear Sport. The platform version is now Tizen, with software version R760XXU2CQK3.


Gear S3 Value Pack Update

With the new update, fitness buffs can now take their workout routine to the next level. The Samsung Health Fitness Program feature lets you watch exercise programs from your synced smartphone on a TV. Once connected, you can use the Gear S3 to control the displayed content. The new and advanced real-time heart rate monitoring feature lets users continuously monitor their heart rate activity with improved accuracy. Nutrition management feature has also been enhanced to give more efficient results for calories consumed or check the calorie balance and compare it to your daily target.





The new Value Pack update also lets users create new contacts right from the screen of the Gear S3. Not just contacts, you can also create events along with related information such as date and time directly from your Gear S3 with a few simple taps and twists of the bezel. Furthermore, you can now view and edit checklist, video and web reminders created on your synced smartphone on the smartwatch.



The update introduces a new widget for quicker access to different workouts, along with a similar widget for quick access to up to four apps. Widgets have been optimized to fit the circular display of the Gear S3 which lets you view more information at a glance. The rotating speed of the bezel now results in different actions. By rotating the bezel at a faster or slower rate, users can view more or less information, respectively. You can also move to reply input from a text message, with just a rotate of bezel. Also more default quick replies have been added, which can be edited as per your choice.



You can now use you Gear S3 to control the Gear VR and a TV connected to the same phone. Thanks to the new Samsung Connect app, Gear S3 can now also be used to control connected IoT devices. Other major additions include the ability to sort apps in the order in which they were most recently used. Also you can now set a music track saved on the watch as a ringtone.




Overall, this is a major update, and it should be available for everyone via the Samsung Gear phone app. The update size is around 258 MB. Make sure that your Gear S3 is sufficiently charged before starting. There are a lot more changes included with this value pack update. Once we finish having a play around we will get back to you with our finding. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments section below, if you find any.

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