Samsung named trendsetter in VR and IoT - Runet Award 2017

Nov 27, 2017

Samsung is named a trendsetter in the areas of virtual reality and the Internet of things on the Runet Award 2017. In the ceremony, held at Moscow on 23rd November 2017, Samsung Electronics entered the visionary HOT LIST 2018 twice. The list, first of its kind at Runet Awards, presented by Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC), comprised of first identified trendsetters, companies and projects. It included 10 technology, innovation and business areas, which, according to experts of the Runet Prize, will determine the development of the digital world in 2018.

Samung Electronics was listed as a trendsetter in two categories. The first category, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) was shared with Facebook owned Oculus. Samsung was also named a trendsetter in the Internet of things (IoT) category.

In 2017, Samsung set up IoT Academies at Moscow Technological University (MIREA) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). The Academy aims at providing Russian students special training on the internet technology of things. The one-year course includes both the study of practical industrial cases and the independent development of cases by students. Pilot projects "IoT Academy Samsung" will continue to expand in the future.

In addition, Samsung Electronics also stands out in the field of augmented and virtual reality. Various products and educational projects by Samsung has set a trend in the virtual reality world. The Company conducts a course "SCHOOL VR 360" within the framework of IT SCHOOLSMSUNG. It is a federal project of additional education in IT and programming for high school students in Russia.

"We are proud of the title of trendsetters in the sphere of high technologies and are happy that the achievements of Samsung were once again marked on the Runet Prize. We aim at improving the lives of our users all over the world with the help of innovations. Samsung Electronics does not intend to stop there and will continue to create innovative solutions and launch large-scale social and cultural projects that are changing the world for the better," said Sergey Pevnev, Director for Corporate Projects and Government Affairs at Samsung Electronics headquarters in CIS countries.



This is not the first time Samsung has been awarded at Runet Award. In 2016, the award in the category "Science and Education" was awarded to Samsung's "IT SCHOOL OF SAMSUNG" project. The project aims at providing schoolchildren of Russia, an educational module dedicated to the basics of Java programming. In 2015, Samsung bagged an award in the special category "Mobile Runet". It was awarded to the "Live Pages" project, whose goal is to present the works of classical Russian literature in the modern interactive format of the mobile application.

Runet Award

First awarded in 2004, the Runet Award is a national award in the field of high technologies and the Internet. The award honours outstanding services of the leading companies in the field of information technologies and electronic communications. The award is also given to the individuals who made a significant contribution to the development of the Russian segment of the Internet (Ru-net).

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