Samsung will be showcasing its Artistic The Frame range of TVs at Ideal Home Show Christmas in London

Nov 24, 2017

If you're from London or in London for the next couple of days then do head over to The Ideal Home Show Christmas in London’s Olympia which is a great place to get prepped for the upcoming Christmas holidays and make yourself a checklist for all the things you will be buying. But there's a center attraction from Samsung as well at the venue which is what we will be talking about here.

Samsung has set up a special stall/booth at the exhibition where it will be showing off its premium The Frame series of designer TVs. At a time when the industry is going to the extremes of cutting down the bezels on both smartphones and TVs, Samsung got creative with the bezels on The Frame series of TVs as it turned them into actual photo frames. This lets the TV blend into any home as a piece of art. But looking good isn't all that the TV is capable of doing as it features best of Samsung's 4K Ultra HD panels.

The Frame is available in three different sizes- 43, 55 and 65-inch models. All that beauty doesn't come cheap as the 43 inch model goes for $1,300 while the 65 inches model goes all the way upto $1,800. These TVs obviously run Tizen TV OS in its core so you're not left out of any of the smart features available on other Samsung premium TVs. But what it does more is Samsung has added a special service which lets you display art curated by international organizations at a subscription fee of $5 per month.

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