This smart home device will remind you if you forgot to turn the stove off

Faith Obafemi
Nov 11, 2017

Just two days ago, my brother left the stove on with the breakfast he was heating up. I try not to imagine what would've happened if I wasn't home that day. At first, when I perceived the burnt smell, I actually assumed it was from a neighbour, not until the smell got stronger. Is there any solution to preventing burning down a house every week?

Yes, the Wallflower stove monitor has come to our rescue and is sure to be a literal lifesaver.

For those already into IoT at home, Wallflower is a worthy addition which you can plug to your stove and control on your smartphone through its app. There's no complexity in its use, it simply sends you push notifications whenever you leave the stove on, using data from the smart plug.

According to the product listing on Wallflower website, as you get familiar with the device and the app, it also gets 'familiar' with you, meaning it gets to observe your 'cooking behaviour' and thus sends you push notifications whenever you leave the stove on 'beyond normal'. In addition to this, it has a geofencing feature which lets the app send you notifications when you leave designated areas like the kitchen, dining or the house while the stove is on.

The Wallflower app supports multiple users, so you can set it up for friends and family and still have access to the notifications from the app on your smartphone. This way, when your little children decide to do their games or an elderly relative forgets to turn off their stove, you'll get the notification on your phone even though you're not home with them.

Wallflower comes in two versions depending on the kind of plug you use on your stove. Black cord plugs matches with the four-prong version while the grey cord plug matches with the three-prong version. Be sure to confirm this before making your order.

One downside with this IoT Gadget is that it supports only electric stoves because it is plug based. Thus gas stove users do not benefit. Well, the exclusion is probably because electric stoves do not involve actual 'fire' making them easier to forget.

You can get the Wallflower now on Amazon for $129 —saving you $50. It's a fair price to pay for peace of mind.


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