Soon users will be able to share Samsung Pay transactions

Efe Udin
Nov 29, 2017

Samsung's payment platform, Samsung Pay has been achieving giant strides since its inception. It has penetrated numerous countries and regions and it is currently available in all most all the continents. The reason(s) for its achievements is not far-fetched, its a seamless and secure method of payment amongst other reasons. Now, a patent on KIPRIS’ database suggests that the South Korean manufacturing giant has developed a feature, on Samsung Pay, which permits users to have an overview of their past transactions and share them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Dubbed "Samsung Pay Story", the company says that this feature is a “system for sharing buying experiences”. This feature which will come in a future update for Samsung Pay was designed to advertise Samsung Pay on social media. Samsung will carry out a “Pay Story with Celebrities” campaign so as to promote the usage of this feature. Furthermore, details of purchases can be shared alongside a snapshot and rating.

Well, the information to be shared depends on what the user wants the public to know. Users do not necessarily have to share the price or image of their purchases. With Pay Story, users will have access to facilities that accept Samsung Pay as well as their ratings and reviews. The long-term plan for Samsung Pay Story is to make it a social network of its own. There is a whole lot of plans and ideas for Samsung Pay Story in the future such as its expansion into a friends-based service. However, it's a bit too early to delve into this - that is not to say that it won't materialize soon.

If Pay Story external sharing feature is frequently utilized, Samsung will probably allow users to create a directory of contacts inside Samsung Pay who can view select transactions in their transaction database.

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