Staples Black Friday 2017 sees price discounts on smart home products

Deidre Richardson
Nov 13, 2017
Black Friday 2017 is almost around the corner, and Staples, as is the case with other major retailers, wants customers to have some discounts on products in hot demand. Staples Black Friday deals consist of discounts on smart home products such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Google Chromecast.

Staples Black Friday 2017 deals for Amazon: Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show

The Amazon Echo is cylindrical in its design and provides 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Alexa integration so that you can talk to your Amazon Echo anywhere in the house. Amazon's Echo started the whole smart home speaker movement as we know it today. Amazon also offers the shorter, Amazon Echo Dot, more of a hockey puck in design than a stereo speaker you'd sit around at home.
The Echo Show is a tablet with built-in Alexa AI integration, letting you watch movies, play music, listen to Audible audiobooks, see music, view your security cameras by way of Amazon's new Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera, turn on your Philips Hue lights or TV, set the thermostat, and browse the Internet for your own fun, in addition to its uses with other smart home products.

Staples Black Friday 2017 deals for Google: Google Home, Home Mini, Chromecast

The Google Home (and now, Google Home Mini) products are also inspired by the Amazon Echo; Google CEO Sundar Pichai said so at one of Google I/O 2016 conference.
The Google Home Mini is a smaller take in design on the original Google Home, a doughnut-shaped device that, like the Echo, sits around your home and provides information such as weather, traffic, day of the week, time, and so on. The Google Home Mini is designed to make the carrying experience easier and more portable than ever so that Google's in-built Assistant AI can go with you everywhere you want to go.
The Home and Home Mini products now come with hands-free calling and Bluetooth music streaming for services such as Spotify and Pandora so that you can call relatives without your phone nearby and play your favorite music without downloading it locally onto your Google smart home speaker. Google intends to utilize HTTP web protocol to connect its Home, Home Mini, Chromecast, new audio speakers, and other non-Google devices together in the company's Internet of Things (IoT) plan.
Last but not least, there is Google Chromecast, one of the Android owner's most influential mobile market products yet. Google Chromecast is a device that you plug into your TV's HDMI port to stream content from the Internet (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, among others). Sure, the Chromecast on sale for Black Friday 2017 is not the 4K-streaming Chromecast Ultra, but you'll still get excellent 2K and 1080p content - which should suffice for most videos you'll watch at the moment.

Staples Black Friday 2017 deals revealed

Here are the most notable Staples Black Friday 2017 deals on Amazon, Google, and Samsung mobile devices:
  • Amazon Echo $20 off, down to $80
  • Amazon Echo Dot $20 off, down to $30
  • Amazon Echo Show $50 off, down to $180
  • Google Chromecast $10 off, down to $25
  • Google Home Mini $20 off, down to $30
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" $100 off, down to $180
  • Amazon Fire HD 10.1" $50 off, down to $100
The Black Friday 2017 offers from Staples aren't much, but every little bit helps. And, after you pick up the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, take a look at how to perform one-word actions with Alexa routines to ease the process.

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