Telegram for Tizen (Unofficial) App gets Update to version 1.0.0

Andrea Rovai
Nov 6, 2017

If you own a Tizen device and you are a Telegram user like me, today’s there’s a fresh update of the Telegram app waiting for you. I owe you just a clarification before going into details: I am not talking about the official Telegram app, since there is no official Telegram app - at least, not yet. The update in fact regards “Telegram for Tizen (Unofficial)”.

The app is - guess what - an unofficial version of Telegram, the renowned Instant Messaging cross-platform service that has made its name for a laser focus on cyber security and freedom of speech. The nonprofit organization running Telegram celebrated 100M monthly active users back in February 2016 and has grown quite steadily since then, with just a few hiccups. Certainly it is far from the staggering number Whatsapp announced last July - 1B DAU (daily active users) - but the service still keeps a strong value proposition, getting cited here and there as the most secure messaging platform worldwide, together with Whatsapp and Signal, developed by the notorious cypherpunk Moxie Marlinspike

Although Snowden might disagree about how secure Telegram is:


The update  

Supported devices for this update are SM-Z400Y, SM-Z200F, SM-Z200M, SM-Z200Y, SM-Z400F - all Samsung mobile phones. The developer is nothing short than SRIN, i.e. Samsung R&D Indonesia. 

Speaking of features, Version 1.0.0 brings many welcome news for those of you who are concerned for online privacy. First thing first, Secret Chat.

Secret Chats, if you are not in the know, are a special kind of chat room where all messages have a self-destruct timer and participants are not allowed to forward messages to other users. In the end, they are an easy way to take part to a conversation without too much worry.

Stickers are supported too - there are many images below, have a look.

More importantly, the service has implemented two-step verification and passcode. Other useful features include the ability to block users as well as to mute notification. Finally, bugs have been taking care of.




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