How to use your Gear Sport in your daily life

Nov 3, 2017

During the IFA 2017, Samsung announced its new fitness oriented smart watch Gear Sport, running on Tizen OS. The Gear Sport is a well blended combination of both style and sport, giving it a perfect look. Earlier, we brought you a video tutorial showing how you can get started with your new Gear Sport. Today, we bring you another video tutorial showing how you can use your Gear Sport in your day-to-day life:

The Gear Sport has a number of health monitoring features like calorie counter, steps counter and more. You can set your calorie target for the day and keep track of your everyday calorie consumption. If your calorie consumption exceeds your target, you can just do some physical exercises to burn some calories and your Gear Sport will tell you if you’ve burn enough calories or not.

The Gear Sport also has different physical activity monitoring modes like running, walking, cycling or swimming. You can just set your mode and your smart watch will take care of the rest. It will show you the calories burnt, duration of the activity and all. The built-in GPS comes handy if you go out for running or cycling.

The Gear Sport comes with a feature called ‘Fitness Programs’. These act as a guide to people who want to workout at home. The Program comprises of video tutorials, which can be cast onto your TV, thanks to Samsung Connect. You can keep complete track of workout session including workout time, calories burnt and more.

The watch also has a drop-down menu which you can access by just swiping down from any screen. Through this menu, you can access things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Music and much more. The watch has a water lock mode which you can access from this drop-down menu. This mode comes handy when you go for skiing in freezing cold. The watch keeps track of your altitude and atmospheric pressure around you.

The Gear Sport also supports Spotify. You can download songs directly into your watch and listen to them offline. All you need to do is go to the playlist that you want to listen to and flick the download switch, to download the songs.

So literally, Samsung Gear Sport is a perfect hybrid between a fitness tracker and a Smart watch. It is priced at $299.99 USD and you can order it here.



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