TV4 to bring Advertising Video on Demand Apps to Samsung Smart TVs

Adithya Kumar
Nov 15, 2017

As times change, the way we consume television content has been changing too. Cable TVs, Satellite broadcasts, Direct to Home and now internet streams thanks to the faster internet and Smart TVs have all made it easier to watch content that we like. One company that has been evolving with time to deliver better content is the popular Swedish commercial broadcaster TV4 which is a part of Bonnier Group.


TV4 recently announced that it has selected Norigin Media’s Canvas Apps development services for making Smart TV apps for TV4’s Advertising VoD (Video on Demand) service. TV4’s intention is to benefit from the large user base it has in Sweden as it has about 35 percent of Sweden’s population as registered users. The AvoD service will be taking advantage of Origin's multi-screen TV-app to integrate its ads on both VoD and live TV content. While these services will be rolled out on all Smart TV platforms in the future, initially Samsung’s Tizen based Smart TVs are the only ones that will be seeing these new ads integration on TV4’s content.


Viewers will also get free access to live and on-demand content with once the application is integrated into TV4’s OTT platform. It is worth mentioning that TV4 was among the first broadcasters to deliver Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) service in the Nordic region.

Norigin Media’s expertise in developing mobile and Smart TV streaming apps for several European operators in Europe was the main reason behind TV4’s selection to integrate their services a report said.

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