Tizen Games: Two new racing themed games The Ghost Moto Simulator-Death Ride and The F1 Simulation 3D : Xmas Edition

Adithya Kumar
Nov 14, 2017

The Tizen Ecosystem is growing everyday, many applications and games are being added everyday. Today we are showcasing two new games, The Ghost Moto Simulator-Death Ride and The F1 Simulation 3D : Xmas Edition.


The Ghost Moto Simulator-Death Ride

This game is all about Ghost Rider. Here you will be role playing as the Ghost Rider, through the 'scary paths of evil'. This is a classic Halloween game, where you have to go on adventures on the road, and cross hurdles. The game has simple controls, Tap right button to accelerate and left button for brake.

This is similar to a bike racing game, where you have to balance your vehicle in narrow paths, with each hurdle crossed you will earn points. You can also control your bike's speed in order to cross these hurdles that will appear suddenly. In simple words this is a simple, and an addictive game that comes with realistic graphics. You can download it here.


The F1 Simulation 3D : Xmas Edition

If you like racing game you will like this one. In this game you will race a F1 car on a Christmas themed racetrack. Here you can make records by driving faster. You can also drive a police car, through which you can chase the F1 car.

Since its a christmas theme, you will be able to meet the snowman, penguin and more holiday themed creatures. If you hit these creatures, they will bounce in a funny way. You can also hit these 'gift-boxes' through which you can get gifts. This game can be downloaded here.

The Ghost Rider game is less than 60MB and the F1 Simulation 3D is about 16MB, both of which you can download seamlessly. If you encounter any problem downloading or installing these games, please send a feedback to the developers. These games are available for all Tizen smartphones.

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