Underground World of Gaming - Best underground themed games in Tizen Store

Nov 22, 2017

The quantity and quality of games in Tizen Store have had a sheer rise ever since the launch of Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program by Samsung. The Program rewards the top 100 apps and games with cash prizes every month. This has attracted a lot of developers and Tizen Smartphone users have benefited from it. Today we introduce you to two such good games that are available to download in Tizen Store.


Underground Run

As the name suggests, it is an endless runner game largely inspired by the famous Smartphone game "Subway Surfers". But unlike Subway Surfers, you run on underground tunnels instead of subway tracks. Obstacles are plenty and it may cost your life if you're not alert enough. As you run through the tunnels, you collect coins, keys and power-ups, and ultimately try to score as much. The game has some really good graphics, which makes for an impressive game play.

  • Controls
    - Responsive swipe controls to jump, duck and slide left and right
    - Tap screen to throw projectiles and destroy obstacles
  • Features
    - Several power-ups and shield
    - Collect coins for high score with coin doubler and score multiplier
    - Coin magnet for faster coin collection
    - Continue Key to run longer distances
    - Multiple speed level


Underground Run is available to download on the entire range of Tizen smartphones running on Tizen version 2.3 or above. The download size of the game is around 15MB and is available for FREE.


Underground Fighters

This is a freestyle fighting game where you get to fight against many opponents. This game, once again a product of App Incentive Program, has a very well designed graphics. The in-game sound effects further makes the fighting environment even more realistic. So choose your fighter, unravel many combos, use various weapons and gain leadership in the world rankings.

  • Controls
    - Multi-directional rotating on-scree joystick
    - Four different fighting buttons - Punch, Kick, Shield and Power Strike
  • Features
    - Option to set graphics efficiency
    - Option to set the fighting buttons' position as per your convenience
    - Training feature to enhance your fighting skills


Overall, Underground Fighters is one of the best freestyle fighting game available in Tizen Store. The game has a download size of around 98MB and is available to download for FREE in all the Tizen smartphones running on Tizen version 2.4 or above.

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