Update available for the Digital Concert Hall app for Samsung Smart TVs

Nov 20, 2017
Music and gaming functions always form the core of a Smart TV features. And Samsung has been enhancing these two features in its Smart TVs on a regular basis. Samsung's latest activities that have added value to its Smart TVs include the partnership with Shazam. Shazam allows Smart TV viewers to identify songs played on TV shows or movies. Now, just before the start of the Asia Tour of the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra, Samsung is enhancing the Digital Concert Hall App on its Smart TVs.


Digital Concert Hall App provides access to concerts by the Berliner Philharmoniker. Thanks to its updated version on Samsung Smart TVs, concert performances from the Berliner Philharmoniker are now available to more people than ever. The app improvements include curated playlists and works overviews of the concerts of the Berliner Philharmoniker. In addition, the app is now also available in Korean, along with already available German, English, Spanish and Japanese. New users of Samsung Smart TV can enjoy the Digital Concert Hall app with a 30-day trial. The app is available for smart TVs from 2015 to 2017.
“The new Digital Concert Hall app is a prime example of distributing excellent content across new digital media platforms. At Samsung, our goal is to optimally reproduce the image and sound of such high-quality productions with our home entertainment devices and Smart TVs,” said Sangsook Han, Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

About Berliner Philharmoniker

Berliner Philharmoniker is the most prolifically recorded orchestra in the world, with more than 100 years of recording history. They are known as the first to record a CD. Many polls around the world has named Berliner Philharmoniker as the world’s best orchestra.

Since 2008, Berliner Philharmoniker has been broadcasting live streams and video archive recordings of its concerts through its Digital Concert Hall app. The app boasts more than 1,500 audio and visually recorded, making it one of the largest digital collection of recordings. The app also provides exclusive access to 50 live seasonal concerts, interviews, concert introductions, documentaries, artist portraits and educational program concerts.

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