Watch the Gear S3 face the ultimate survival test courtesy of Bear Grylls

Nov 6, 2017

The Samsung Gear S3, especially the Gear S3 Frontier isn’t just your average everyday smartwatch that needs to be handled with a lot of care to prevent damages from a random splash of water or dust clogging the internals. These are things that the Gear S3 Frontier doesn’t even consider as a problem thanks to its IP68 certification. So just how tough is this smartwatch you ask? Samsung has an answer for that. Samsung UK recently found a new wrist to test the durability of the Gear S3 and this wrist belongs to the survival specialist Bear Grylls.

Of course this is a paid endorsement by Bear Grylls, but nonetheless, some of the things that he mentions about the Gear S3 Frontier are spot on as I happen to wear one on a daily basis. The smartwatch is really tough on the outside with its rubber straps, military grade aluminium chassis, Corning Gorilla Glass SR protected screen combined with that IP68 rating make it a really tough smartwatch suited for most outdoor activities. Bear Grylls also mentions about some of the useful features that this smartwatch comes packed with apart from all the health related sensors such as the barometer and the altitude meter and barometer. These can indicate chances of raining when you’re not connected to the internet and even the oxygen level if you’re on a high altitude trek. But when you are connected to the internet, you can get more accurate results with the weather and temperature widget.

Have a look at this short adventurous video of Bear Grylls taking the Gear S3 on a survival run like he always does-



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