The only way Samsung can take over Xiaomi in India is by making better smartphones

Nov 22, 2017

The misconception which most Indians once had on Chinese smartphones to be of poor quality with below average hardware specifications has almost vanished in a matter of 4-5 years thanks to brands like Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi that have been going head to head against the big guns such as Samsung, LG,HTC, Sony and even Apple. Xiaomi-which has now become a household name with its popular Redmi and Mi range of smartphones, was reported to be the largest phone vendor in India dethroning Samsung in the process.

Samsung has hence gone back to the drawing board to regain its popularity in India. The company is reportedly revising its Galaxy ON and Galaxy J line of smartphones that fall in the entry-level to the mid-range category which is famous for Xiaomi's range of smartphones. Samsung had taken the step to cease business with offline retailers that sold Xiaomi devices in hopes affecting Xiaomi's offline strategy. However, that clearly backfired with more retailers embracing Xiaomi as preferred partners while sidelining Samsung.

To regain that trust and brand value that Samsung had in India, the company has to do more than just launching relatively cheap smartphones that most of the time as we have seen in previous Samsung entry-level smartphones are of poor build quality, mediocre hardware, outdated software and most of the times even missing essential sensors such as proximity and Gyroscope sensors.

On the other hand, Xiaomi has been year after year coming out with some incredible smartphones that almost sound unbelievable at the price that they are sold for. Hence the only way Samsung can make a comeback is to do one thing we all know they are good at- Making better phones like in their flagship lineup. There is this general saying among tech enthusiasts that if you're buying a Samsung smartphone, buy their flagships because everything else that they make is not worth the money. That needs to change if Samsung plans on taking over the Xiaomis and OnePlus in years to come with its Tizen and Android Smartphones.

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