Deal Alert! Currys have some incredible boxing day deals on Samsung 4K TVs in the UK

Dec 27, 2017

Samsung's TVs are surely among the best in the industry and surprisingly, the TVs are actually getting better and better every year while most critiques have been speculating for a while now that innovations in the TV industry have become stagnant. But all that innovations that Samsung or any other TV manufacturer for that matter brings into their TVs surely comes at a cost. However, that is what festival sales are meant for.


Almost every store online or offline will have some discounts running throughout this week starting with Christmas and all the way to the beginning of 2018. If you are in the UK, then Currys are currently running some really incredible deals on a wide range of Electronic products such as iPhones, Tablets, wearables, smartphones, consoles and more importantly our personal favourite, Tizen TV OS powered Samsung 4K Smart TVs. It's worth mentioning that the TVs Currys have on sale are not outdated model but rather they're all from the 2017 line up of Samsung TVs. So take a look below and decide which of these TVs fits your needs if you're considering to buy one of these deals.


Samsung Tizen TV Deals

1) SAMSUNG UE65MU7070 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV£1,299

While still a bit expensive at £1,299, it carries an official price tag of £1,999, so that's a £700 saved if you're considering getting these mammoth HDR capable 4K LED TV.

2) SAMSUNG UE49MU6670 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR Curved LED TV£599

Now this one is the hottest deal of the lot. For a sensible price of £599, you are getting a curved panel that supports HDR and outputs at 4K resolution! The original price is about £849 so that's £249 saved if you're making the buy.

3) SAMSUNG UE55MU6670 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR Curved LED TV£699

If 49 inches is a bit small for your home, then throw in a £100 more and get the 55 inch variant of the previously mentioned Curved 4K HDR LED TV. While you're spending a bit more, you are saving a bit more too as this TV is discounted by £349 from its original £1049 price tag.

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