Deal Alert! Get the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit for just $149

Dec 5, 2017

Are you one of those who has been fascinated by the whole idea of having a Jarvis like smart bot to control your home? Well, in this era of technology filled with AI assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc we are not too far away from living the dream. And to get your home to be controlled magically with these assistants, you need something more- An interface between with virtual world and your physical home appliances and other electrical devices. That is where brands such as Samsung SmartThings come in with their expertise and a number of innovative Smart Home Products.



However, SmartThings haven't really been all that affordable for general consumers to make use of this automated tech. But, today is an exception to that excuse as the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit is at a killer price of $149! That is a massive $100 discount on its original $249 price tag. The SmartThings Home Monitoring comes with everything that you would need to make the transition from a regular home to a smart home with minimal difficulties. All that you would need is a decent internet connectivity in your home.

The Kit includes the following set of SmartThings product-

  • 1 Samsung SmartThings Hub
  • 1 Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor
  • 2 Samsung SmartThings Multi Sensors
  • 1 Samsung SmartThings Outlet

Once the physical setup is done, all you have to do is download the SmartThings smartphone to begin controlling and monitoring your home. But like we mentioned earlier, you can get that Jarvis like functionality with just a little bit of research online and make your SmartThings setup work with an AI assistant of your choice.

You can buy the SmartThings Home Monitoring kit from here.

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