Developer – Tizen SCM Tools Release - 17.02.1

Dec 6, 2017

The Tizen Tools Team is proud to announce yet another SCM Tools packages release, bringing it to version 17.02.1. These current changes are mainly bug fixes for the Git Build System (GBS), taking it to version 0.24.10. Please find below the relevant release notes.



Release notes for gbs 0.24.10

  • Prevent shell interpolation of gbs configuration variables, when using special variable such like “upstream_tag = v${upstreamversion} ” which gbs can't get upstreamversion well
  • Fix build error tizen:2.4 not install cumulate packages
  • Fix build error package rpm-4.9.1- is already installed, can not reuse compile enviroment
  • Add Epoch to rpm query command, some packages have 'Epoch' definition which will cause dependency packages missing, keep same of identifier of packages in build. -

Update dependencies:

  • build >= 20160629-tizen20171013
  • depanneur >= 0.15.9


You can download the latest version of Tizen SCM Tools from: release/


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